Bibed is a bibliographic assistance libre software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3. It runs on personal computers (no mobile version, though you can connect it to mobile apps), is OS-agnostic, and manages all your BibTeX / BibLaTeX files (the .BIB file format).

Bibed is of great help if you write a thesis or during research or meta-research works, or while elaborating a trans-discipline writing, or generaly any work that needs collecting and managing a lot of bibliographic references.

Bibed ease of use make it a perfect choice for casuel .BIB file edition.

Our needs and main goals as first Bibed users is that the application helps us concentrate on what matters most to us: research, reading, thinking and writing, without loosing time on file editing or computer-assisted bibliographic management. Bibed is designed to get out of your way.

We’re implementing it as a modern and lighweight alternative to JabRef. Upcoming features will make it compelling with Zotero or Mendeley.

A screenshot to give you a foretaste. See the screenshots page for more.